Do what you can, with what you have, where you are.
Theodore Roosevelt


Want a better life? Want to reach your goals? What are you doing to get there today? There is always something you can do. Those little somethings will open doors to larger somethings and soon you will be on your way. If you want to accomplish something big, then every little bit you and others do, the closer you get. So do what you can, with what you have, where you are.

Theodore Roosevelt

If you are fighting for a cause (or want to), know that it isn’t only up to you. You shouldn’t let the sheer magnitude of what needs to be done stop you from doing what you think is right. So jump in and push yourself to do what inspires you. The more you do the more you’ll realize you CAN do more. It’s all about getting in there and finding how you can contribute. Are you good at making noise? Getting the word out? Or maybe you can be behind the scenes contributing strategy, or artwork. Every cause needs every type of person. Jump in and find your spot.

Some ideas:

  1. Prioritize. You can’t always do everything at once. Pick one thing and go after it.
  2. First steps. You don’t need a plan from beginning to end. Come up with your first draft and get started. Revise as you go. It’s rare that a first step stops you later. It just gets you started.
  3. Your effort. It’s simply a question of effort. Some things take more effort than others. Nothing is impossible, they just haven’t been figured out yet. You need to be willing to put the effort in to get where you want to be. That effort may be work you do, or time spent getting others involved.
  4. Persistence. There are roadblocks to everything. Expect them. But take them on and keep moving forward. Don’t let them stop you from doing something important.