We are excited to be kicking off Choose Movement’s online presence! You can find us here at choose-movement.org, on Facebook, and Twitter.

Choose Movement is an organization dedicated to the idea that the people of this country are better united. By all cultures working together to make a better life for everyone as a whole, we all gain a sense of ownership and camaraderie. That sense of community enables us to help and take risks together, which will make us more prosperous than any short cuts or individual interests ever will. These are concepts we have all known since pre-school.

United people have a sense of responsibility and accountability to each other. They don’t simply cut headcount to make a quarterly number; they care more about the people they are responsible for than that number. They know that stable growth and employee pride are consistently more effective at building wealth than boom and bust. They pass legislation that is truly intended to improve the lives of those it affects. They are always willing to listen to each other.

From our own research, we have determined that happy, fulfilled people are much more willing to take the time and energy to consider others. Those who are overwhelmed or attach their personal value to things they can’t control are more likely to take an, “only look out for yourself” attitude towards life. If we can help more people be happy and fulfilled, we can empower them to make more responsible and accountable decisions in their spheres of influence.

In order to do that, we have spent the last couple years consulting historical texts, quotes from known historical figures, scientific research, religious texts, and more on what they attribute to their own success, happiness, and fulfillment. We compiled that research into a program accessible to anyone who wants to participate. It helps you practice key behavioral skills that can help you identify who you want to be, how to chase your dreams, where to put your energy, who to trust, how to overcome your roadblocks, and more.

We’re excited to share the program with you! We hope you join and get as much out of it as we have.

We are always looking for feedback, so feel free to contact us at [email protected] with any thoughts, questions, or suggestions!

Thanks to everyone who has made it possible to get this far!


Choose Movement