We’ve put together a brief conversational FAQ to help answer any questions about Choose Movement. Post a comment to ask more questions!

What is Choose Movement?
Put simply, Choose Movement helps people take hold of their lives in a way that benefits others. We believe that everyone is more likely to care about others and take the time to make long term decisions if they are in a good place mentally within their own lives. This type of person can be strong in the face of adversity and fight for accountability and responsibility within their sphere of influence. The larger the community, the more impact. We offer a program that strengthens the skills that lead to being in that good place.

So it’s another wellness organization?
Our founder and director, Will Schoettler, searched long and hard for an organization that taught the same skills and had the same focus. Many organizations teach some of the skills. None teach all. Few of them demonstrate how to incorporate the skills into your everyday life. So rather than join one that didn’t deliver everything, he created his own.

Why does it exist?
There is a growing sense of dissatisfaction among people in this country. We know there is more to life, but are having trouble grasping what it is or how to find it. We feel disconnected from our government, exist in fragmented communities, and lack a sense of ownership. We are scared of talking to strangers unless it’s in a controlled environment. We often feel like nobody else will look out for us. By empowering people with strong skills that lead to inner strength, fulfillment, and consideration for others we can create a community of people that are capable of changing all that.

How does it work?
Every week you are given short articles and small actions to complete during your day. These actions help you practice each skill. One round of the Choose Movement Certification Program (CMCP) lasts 13 weeks. One week for each skill. As you progress the skills build on each other, enabling you to improve more effectively.

Do people actually get anything out of it?
We have seen amazing results. Some have changed jobs and found greater fulfillment. Others have learned to focus and successfully made it into graduate school. One member credits Choose Movement as a key part of their psychological recovery from depression and anxiety. Still others have felt empowered to speak up more and take control in the workplace. We truly believe it makes a difference.

How much does it cost?
The Choose Movement Certification Program is completely free for anyone who wants to join. In the future we will offer paid personalized coaching and business programs that tailor CMCP to your specific needs. These are currently being piloted. If you are interested in participating, please contact us here.

How do I join?
Click here and get started!

How can I help?
We’re looking for people to help us out in many ways. We’d be happy to have you on board! Check out our contribute page to get started.